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Stop Spyware and Hackers with Award-winning PC Firewalls from Zone Labs

Now that you are online, a world of information, photos, games, and music is open to you. But access to the Internet also means that you are vulnerable to hackers, spyware, data thieves, and a host of viruses and worms that could infect your PC.

The award-winning firewall in ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro blocks hackers from accessing your PC and stops spyware from sending your personal information out.

Increase Your Protection with ZoneAlarm Pro

In addition, ZoneAlarm Pro scans for and removes spyware, stops annoying pop-up ads, protects your identity, and offers other advanced privacy features.

Need Help Deciding?

Use the chart below to select the level of protection you need:

Only $39.95 USD
Save 20%

Basic Firewall - blocks hackers and other unknown threats
Triple Defense Firewall™ - protects your entire PC, including your operating system and programs, from hackers and spyware


Anti-Spyware - scans for and removes spyware, adware, and 3rd-party cookies


Pop Up and Ad Blocker - stops annoying banner ads and pop ups


Email Security - quarantines suspicious email attachments and halts outgoing email with potential viruses


ID Lock - blocks personal data from leaving your computer


Wireless PC Protection - secures your PC at home or on the go


Installation Wizard - gets you up and running in minutes


Only $39.95 USD
Save 20%

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This product will be provided to you under separate agreement by Zone Labs, which is exclusively responsible for this product.

* One year of updates and service access included with purchase of ZoneAlarm Pro; annual subscriptions available for subsequent updates and service access.

** ZoneAlarm is free for individual and not-for-profit charitable entity use (excluding governmental entities and educational institutions).


Proven PC Protection

With over 35 million PCs protected around the world, the award-winning ZoneAlarm firewall technology is the world's most trusted Internet security solution.


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