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ZoneAlarm® Pro
provides you with easy-to-use protection against spyware, hackers, and identity thieves.

  • Simple to Install (step-by-step installation wizard gets you up and running in minutes)
  • Easy to Use (comes with default security settings for "out-of-the-box" protection)
  • Compatible with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems (Windows Pro/XP)

ZoneAlarm security solutions are trusted by millions of users worldwide. ZoneAlarm Pro helps protect you and your computer in these ways:

  •  NEW!  Triple Defense Firewall™. The only firewall that protects your entire computer—including the operating system—from hackers and spyware
  •  NEW!  Anti-Spyware. Scans for and removes spyware
  •  NEW!  SmartDefense™ Service. Keeps your security updated with the latest Internet threat information
  • ID and Privacy Protection. Protects personal data and safeguards privacy
  • Email Security. Detects and quarantines malicious email attachments
  • Automatic Wireless Security. Detects and secures wireless networks—at home or on the road

Click here for more information on how
ZoneAlarm Pro protects your computer.

ZoneAlarm Pro also available in:

Click here for a 2-minute demo:

Download ZoneAlarm Pro for $29.95 (SAVE $20). Get a 30-day money back guarantee. Start protecting your computer immediately. *Rebate terms and conditions

Would you like to try before you buy? Click here for a free, fully-functioning trial of ZoneAlarm Pro.

ZoneAlarm Pro System Requirements:
Windows Pro/XP. Pentium III 450 MHz or higher. 50MB of available hard disk space. Internet access. 64MB (2000 Pro), 128MB (XP). More info

Click here to read the ZoneAlarm Pro End-User License Agreement

* - One or two years of access to updates, support, and services included with purchase of Zone Labs security software; annual maintenance contract required for subsequent access.



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