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Zone Labs Security Scanner

Scan for a range of Internet tracking devices...and delete them.

Simply surfing the Internet can expose your PC to a variety of tracking methods. Files are placed on your computer to track your activity online and report back to their creator. These tracking devices files are a form of spyware and invade your Internet privacy.

These unwanted files, also referred to as "cookies", can facilitate or perform any of the following types of actions:

  • Profile your online behavior
  • Track Web sites you visit
  • Trigger targeted pop-up ads
  • Record search terms and form entries

The Zone Labs Security Scanner quickly informs you of the presense of these devises. It not only finds these files but removal involves the press of a button (if running ZoneAlarm Pro—either the trial version or fully-licensed). The scanner is a recommeded defense against online profiling and can be used as often as you choose.

Click here to begin your scan.


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Click here for the Security Scanner FAQ.

How it works:

The Zone Labs Security Scanner runs right from this Web page. In order to scan, a small ActiveX file must be downloaded to your PC. This file can be deleted following the scan. The location is given in the Zone Labs Security Scanner FAQ.


When you use the Zone Labs Security Scanner, you will see a "Security Warning" windows like this. You must click "Yes" to enable the scanner. This warning informs you that our Security Scanner is a certified ActiveX application and can be trusted.


Click here to begin your scan.



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